Inspirations – an active audience in Wroclaw

Trip to Wroclaw

27 – 31 October  2021

As part of the EU project

FREEWAY – 607510-CREA-1-2019-1-IT-CULT-COOP1


The Granice/Borders festival in Wroclaw was an incredible experience. Going to the Prison and getting to see the work of Diego up close was amazing, you could really tell that the prisoners were enjoying their time away from their usual struggles and horrible conditions they must put up with in their day to day lives. Although the prison clearly did not have the standards of the ones in Italy and Germany the spirit of the people was clearly still there. I really loved every activity and workshop we did, the opening gallery was fantastic as the pictures taken were incredible considering they weren’t posing for them. The performance from the womans prison was gripping and it really made me re think my privilege in society as a man. The performance of Cain and Abel was also captivating and I felt the topic was perfectly chosen. And even though because of Covid and permissions the prisoners themselves could not perform both performances from the male and female prisons were very engaging and that is due to the creativity of Jubilo and the rest of the people involved. The whole festival was absolutely amazing and it was an honour to be there.


Kristo Crushkov



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