Experience with transnational or regional programmes

“For a Better Future” 92/23.09.2013 projectsupported by Financial mechanism of EEA 2009-2014

Main goal: Implementation of activities on empowerment of vulnerable groups.

Specific aims: 1. Ensuring participation of vulnerable groups in decision-making 2. Improved skills and knowledge of pupils and teachers at “Angel Uzunov” Correctional Boarding School for problem solving and decreasing the level of aggression.

“Mentoring for self-help” project financed by NGO grants scheme of Financial mechanism of EEA 2009 – 2014 – an innovation aiming to improve the skills of children and young people at risk, without interfering or manipulating them.

Main goal: Implementation of activities on empowerment of vulnerable groups.

Specific aims: 1. Support to mechanisms for self-help and mutual support, including peer support 2. Introduction of Mentoring method for children with deviant behaviorur and at risk of early dropping from school, as well as improving the skills and knowledge of teachers at three schools with pupils mainly from Roma origin.

Everything is Possible” projectfinanced by BG15 Programme of Norwegian Financial Mechanism – № 93/12.03.2015г , aiming at developing holistic approach to correction in behavior, integrating the academic with social skills and other competences. 

Key partner: “Mother against drugs” Association

Main goal: To improve practical knowledge and skills of prison staff, to develop social skills of the inmates, to cover specific needs of vulnerable groups during development of social skills  and improve their socialization.

Specific objectives: 1.Increased capacity of Plovdiv prison staff, external experts, NGOs and a charity foundation for support to vulnerable groups of inmates 2. Developed a Specialized rehabilitation program for vulnerable groups among the inmates of Plovdiv prison 3. Increased capacity of Plovdiv prison staff for implementation of specialized rehabilitation programs  4.Supported minimum 60 inmates for following resocialization through improvement of their prosocial skills and decreased risk of recidivism.

“Raiting +” project, funded by „Without borders” scheme, Operational Programme “Human resources development” 2007 – 2013 – BG051PO001-7.0.07   

Key partners: Language school “Plovdiv” and Teesdale School & Sixth Form Centre, UK

Specific aims: 1. Cooperation with Teesdale school for development of an innovative system for internal standards for increasing the quality of teaching and learning based on “Effective Learning Framework”. 2. Pilot introduction of the new system at Language school “Plovdiv”. 3.Introduction of sustainable practice of capacity development of teaching staff in key competences and ICT skills.

 Active Parents for Educational Integration Project, funded by the Center for Research and Development

Leading organization School “Panayot Volov” – Plovdiv

Project activities in 2015 with the participation of experts from the UPSDA covered the following areas:

  • Inform and attract locals to a parent community
  • Interactive training of educational mediators
  • “Women’s Club” Section 2 – Individual and group counseling for women, improving family climate and preventing drop-out, preventing early marriages and domestic violence, sharing experiences. Consultation with mothers and grandmothers of pupils who have problems in socialization and integration in the learning environment, as well as those who do not attend regular classes