[F]ACT coming in October

UPSDA will take part in the [F]ACT –  project, funded by the Erasmus +, lead by the Coordinator: „Organizacija kreativnog okupljanja“- OKO

The main goal of the project is to prevent extremism and radicalization among youth and empower them to prevent that behavior and its negative effects on young people. This project is designed to meet the needs of its target audience – youth workers and leaders, in EU programme countries.

The advanced training for youth workers in using Marshal Rosenberg method of non-violent communication and Forum Theatre for preventing radicalization leading to violence among youth will take place in Vršac, Serbia from 30.10-07.11.2019.

Main methodologies will be based on advanced Marshal Rosenberg`s non-violent communication and Forum Theater methodology with focus on specific methods of Theatre of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal. We want to provide main knowledge and tools regarding this topic in order to transfer gained knowledge to young people in local.

The training will provide for the following:

  • Increase knowledge about prevention of youth radicalization leading to violence,extremism and policy documents from international level (EU, CoE, UN, OSCE).
  • Raise awareness for difference about radicalization, radicalization leading toviolence and extreme ideologies and movements.
  • Learn advanced skills in applying non-violent communication in the context ofaddressing the problem about radicalization leading to violence and to raise skillsfor peaceful debate and approaches in youth work practice.
  • Exchange experiences related to projects dealing with Forum Theater and humanrights for dealing with extremism and youth.
  • Develop critical thinking for questioning personal values and beliefs.
  • Present and practice a variety of non-formal learning techniques useful for workingwith young people and vulnerable groups in preventing radicalization leading toviolence.
  • Be empowered and motivated to use Forum theatre methods in youth work.
  • Be informed about the EU Programme Erasmus+ and its opportunities withpromotion of EU values and values of youth work.
  • Gain new friendship and partners for future cooperation.

Project will last from 8 July 2019 until 7 March 2020 and is financed through the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union.

To apply, send us your Cover letter and CV on upsda.bg@gmail.com

Partner organizations:

  1. Beyond The Barriers (Albania),
  2. Sdrujenie Obedineni profesionalisti za ustoichivo razvitie (Bulgaria),
  3. Culture Goes Europe (Cge)- Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt Ev (Germany),
  4. Environment Online (Greece),
  5. Open Circle Association (Hungary),
  6. AGITA (Italy),
  7. Association For Protect And Education Ofchildren And Young Roma Progress(North Macedonia),
  8. Szczecinska Szkola Wyzsza Collegium Balticum (Poland),
  9. Associação Lusofonia Cultura e Cidadania (Portugal),

10. Tarlabasi Toplumunu Destekleme Dernegi (Turkey)