Втора обучителна среща по проект ШАНС – LTT2

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Екипът ни и наши партньори от социални институции участвахме във втората обучителна среща по проекта ШАНС, където международните партньори представиха дейностите, които правят с млади хора в конфликт със закона, които са в общностни мерки като пробация и общественополезен труд.

Тези дейности включват спорт, арт терапия и други видове намеса.

Повече снимки и информация, може да видите на официалната страница на проекта, както и в нашата фб страница с хаштаг #CHANCE 

Partners present their work in community measures with young people in conflict with the law during the second training meeting of the CHANCE project

The CHANCE project, which aims to develop a series of recommendations for the implementation of effective, child-friendly and rehabilitative community-based measures in Europe, held its second training meeting online from June 14-16. This kind of meetings focus on capacity-building and sharing of good practices between partners. The meeting was originally set to take place in Alicante, Spain, but eventually was held online due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The meeting included presentations from partners Fundación Diagrama (Spain), Freedom Gate Greece, AJSPT Suceava (Romania), Courage Foundation (Bulgaria), and Silta Valmennus (Finland). These partners presented their work with young people in conflict with the law, and specifically their roles in the execution of community measures and sanctions for these youth, such as probation and community service.

Amongst the topics covered there was: the structure and organisation of the services for the execution of community measures and sanctions in each region in where the partners operate; the case management process; the organisation of recreational activities, such as those related to art and sports, as a way of providing skills and guidance to young people in conflict with the law; methods and techniques in preventing educational drop-out and unemployment of vulnerable youth; methods on working with children and young people from residential care and/or belonging to ethnic minorities and who are of high risk or having antisocial behaviours; and the organisation of different activities for rehabilitation such as moral discussion groups, rehabilitative coaching and group counselling.

The CHANCE partners were interested in learning from their peers and examining the differences between how each country tackles the execution of community measures for young people in conflict with the law. The event was also used to discuss the planning of the manual that the partners will develop next within the project’s framework.

The CHANCE project is led by Freedom Gate Greece and co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Its partners are, in addition to the aforementioned, European Strategies Consulting (Romania), United Professionals for Sustainable Development Association (Bulgaria), UISP Comitato Territoriale Cirie Settimo Chivasso (Italy), and the Probation Services of Greece.